There are currently 57 dairy PROducts in Germany that are entitled to use our PRO WEIDELAND label, as they are made using pasture milk in line with our criteria. Here you can see a selection of the products:

Pasture milk

Fresh pasture milk? No problem. Our partner dairies are committed to our sustainable and transparent approach to pasture farming.  

Pasture butter

As soon as you see our seal of approval on the packaging, you’ll know the butter in question is a cut above. And that you can happily spread it on your bread. 

Pasture cheese

From the meadow to your plate. Pasture cheese bearing our label not only tastes delicious, but also helps to ensure sustainable pasture management.

Pasture meat

Pasture astes good not only in the form of milk – but also in the form of meat. And that is why some PRO WEIDELAND farmers market pasture-raised meat in addition to pasture-raised milk.